Indicative Reports

Indicative tax depreciation reports are a great tool for real estate agents and developers to help them sell their properties.

As the name suggests an indicative tax depreciation schedule is a preliminary report and is not suitable for ATO purposes but can be prepared ‘off-the-plan’ for marketing purposes and to help investors understand the likely yield of a potential property.

An indicative tax depreciation report will provide prospective purchasers with a forecast of tax depreciation allowances, for both plant and equipment and for capital works. We will also include a fact sheet which will explain what tax depreciation is and how Depwest will assist our property investors to obtain a greater return from their investment – by claiming their legitimate tax deductions – therefore reducing their taxable income, pay less tax and ultimately improving their cash flow.

With this report, the investor can calculate their after reduced tax assessable income and maximise their cash flow. The new owners can contact us to have these converted into an ATO Approved Depreciation Schedule once construction is complete, purchase dates have been finalised, and final costs and inclusions are known.

Indicative Tax Depreciation Schedules are a great added value service for the potential buyer of both new and existing properties and an important marketing feature.