Property Professionals

Real Estate Agents

As a Real Estate Professional, an indicative report is an effective method of increasing sales during the project marketing phase of any project as the report highlights to the potential investor the likely depreciation and yield to be gained from the property.

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A Real Estate professional whom has an understanding of the basic principles of tax depreciation can cash in on this by using this as an added selling mechanism when dealing with potential investors – astute property investors are always looking at how they can maximise the return on their investment, one sure way of doing this is by obtaining a depreciable schedule!

Property Managers

Understanding the basic principles of tax depreciation is an asset to a Property Manager and can set you and your company apart from the rising competition

Advising your landlords of the potential allowances available to them by obtaining a depreciation schedule on their property can provide a nice windfall for them in their next tax return.

Many landlords (studies show as high as 80%) are not taking advantage of property depreciation nor are knowledgeable on the benefits of tax depreciation – Depwest can unlock this hidden cash flow, saving them thousands potentially in income tax.  Depwest believe that obtaining a depreciation schedule is just as vital as a pest inspection or building survey.

Depwest would love to work with your Real Estate or Property Management Company to provide your clients with free, no obligation advice on how their investment property can help them to unlock their hidden cash flow which could essentially:

  • Be paid towards their principle places of residence – effectively reducing their mortgage
  • Increase their cash flow/take home pay
  • Reduce the term of the loan
  • Reduce the interest paid
  • Create more equity in their property portfolio quicker
  • Help them benefit from greater buying power through increased equity

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