How much depreciation do I get?

This is a common question; thankfully most people understand when we advise them that it is very difficult to provide an estimate without actually conducting the inspection.  As a rule, new properties tend to have more depreciable allowances.  In general terms the amount of depreciation can be anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 in the first full financial year – obviously depending on the property.

We do not usually provide an estimate, but we are happy to conduct a free, no obligation desktop feasibility assessment.  This study will involve a number of simple questions regarding the purchase and the property, we will be able then to explain exactly why it is or is not feasible.

Also, Depwest guarantee if we do not attain at least double our professional fee in depreciation entitlements in the first full financial year – we will refund the fee and provide the report at NIL cost.

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